I have been knowning to have keratoconus in both eyes for more than 10 years. Since my vision was worsening, I had begun to evaluate corneal cross-linking, but the idea to have the epithelium removed to be able to put the vitamin drops left me reluctant to undergo the operation. By browsing the Internet, I found out about Dr. Marco Lombardo and his new transepithelial corneal cross-linking technique with iontophoresis; in few words, the vitamin is applied to the eye but the intervention does not require any epithelium removal, so that the surgical approach totally changes: in fact after the treatment there is a little discomfort for a few hours but the day after everything has already passed, and the only recommendation is to use some eye drops. I have had surgery in both eyes after a few months of each other and today, after two years, I have a tangible vision improvement and I am fully satisfied with the choice I made. I highly recommend to anyone with vision problems to be visited by Dr. Marco Lombardo, among other things extremely helpful and easy-going, very attentive to the patient’s needs“.