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The website www.lombardovision.it has been developed following the directives for the authorization of health advertising and information on websites and for the use of electronic mail for clinical reasons as established by the Order of Physicians and Surgeons of the Province of Rome (Italy) as well as in compliance with the following regulations in force:

  1. Law 05.02.1992, n. 175, as amended by art. 3 of the law 26.02.1999, n. 42, from the art. 12 of the law 14.10.1999, n. 362 and paragraph 8 of the art. 7, L. 3 May 2004, n. 112.
  2. Ministerial Decree of 16 September 1994, n. 657 Art. 2, I paragraph – letter b) of the Decree Law 04.07.2006, n. 223, converted into Law 04.08.2006, n. 248.
  3. Code of Medical Deontology – approved by the National Council of the FNOMCeO on December 16, 2006, approved by the Board of Directors of the Provincial Order of Physicians of the Surgeons and Dentists in the session of January 23, 2007.
  4. Legislative Decree n. 70 of April 9, 2003.
  5. Resolution of the Board of Directors n. 129 of June 19, 2007.

Dr. Marco Lombardo, member of the Order of Physicians and Dentists of Rome, position no. 50316, declares under his own responsibility that the information contained in this website is issued in compliance with the guidelines contained in the “Directives for the authorization of advertising and information on websites and for the use of electronic mail for reasons clinical “- Resolution 129/2007 adopted by the Governing Council of the Rome Order on 19 June 2007.


Conditions of use

These terms and conditions of use (“Terms of Use”) apply to the website published at www.lombardovision.it (“Site”). The website is owned by Dr. Marco Lombardo. By using the “Site”, the user accepts these “Terms of Use”; if you do not accept them, you must refrain from browsing the “Site”.

The “Site” reserves the right to change, modify, add or remove clauses of these “Terms of Use” at its discretion and at any time. The user is obliged to periodically consult the “Conditions of use” to check for any changes. The use of the “Site” following the publication of changes will constitute the acceptance of such modifications by the user. Without prejudice to compliance with these “Terms of Use”, Dr. Marco Lombardo grants the user the personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited right to access and use the “Website”.



All text, graphics, user interface, visual interface, photography, video, sound, music, illustration, logo, computer code or other materials (collectively, “Content”) present on the “Site”, including without limitation the design, the structure , the appearance and disposition of such “Contents” belong to or are controlled or licensed to Dr. Marco Lombardo and may be protected by copyright laws, patents and trademarks, as well as by various other regulations on intellectual property rights and unfair competition.

Except in cases expressly provided by the “Terms of Use” of the “Site”, it is prohibited to copy, reproduce, publish, publicly display, encode, translate, transmit or distribute any part of the “Site” and the related “Content” on any computer , server, website or other means intended for publication, distribution or any commercial purpose without the prior written consent of Dr. Marco Lombardo.

The user can use the information on the products and services of Dr. Marco Lombardo (such as product sheets, scientific articles and similar material) made intentionally available for download from the “Site”, provided that (1) does not remove any notification of ownership from copies of these documents, (2) use the information solely for personal and non-commercial purposes and refrain from copying or publishing information on any computer in the network or from transmitting it by any means, (3) does not alter in any way the information and (4) does not release any kind of declaration or additional guarantee regarding these documents.


Use of the Site by the user

The user must refrain from trying to gain unauthorized access to any part or functionality of the “Site”, or to other systems or servers or networks connected to the Site, as well as to the services offered on or through the “Site”, through hacking techniques, password interception or any other illegal means.

It is forbidden to probe, examine or test the vulnerability of the “Site” or any network connected to it, or to violate its security or authentication measures. You agree not to use any type of device, software or routine to interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper functioning of the Site or any transaction conducted on it, as well as the use of the “Site” by third parties.

It is forbidden to forge the headers or manipulate any service offered on or through the “Site”.



It is forbidden to use, export the “Contents” or any copy or adaptation of the “Contents”, or any product or service offered on the “Site”, in violation of the applicable laws and regulations.

In the event that one or more clauses of these “Terms of Use” are deemed null or unenforceable by a court or a court of competent jurisdiction, such clauses will be limited or eliminated to the minimum degree necessary and replaced by a valid clause that best expresses the intentions of these “Terms of Use”, so that they remain fully valid and applicable. These “Terms of Use” represent the entire agreement between the parties regarding the use of the “Site” and supersede all previous agreements entered into in writing or oral by the parties regarding the subject in question.